How to use My Reports from AF User Interface

In this video, we will show you how to create a report template, save it to the My Report section and then execute it         

Hello everybody welcome back to another AlertFind Nugget, this nugget is going to show you how to create a report template, save it to the My Report section and then execute the report template that you have created.

The my report section is used to create report templates that you can run later without the need to redo all of the report parameters. To create a report template first we will need to navigate to the Report section on the left navigation bar of the User Interface and click on Report Lists.  The report list show a large number of reports which you can run and see different information regarding your environment as well as the usage. As an example let’s scroll down to the very bottom and choose the User List Report by clicking on the Run Report button to the right of the report name.

Once the new window appears you will see a button called Copy to My Reports. Let’s click on it. The first thing we need to configure is the Report Name and this is a mandatory field. In this case I will add “All user Information”.

You have the option to choose between an interactive report which means that the results will display on a web browser or a csv report which you can download to your computer. In this case let’s choose CSV Report by clicking on the radial button.

Next section is the filter options, here you can proceed to add filters that would limit the data that you are asking the system to report on. In this case since I wish to see the entire database I will leave the filter section blank.

Next we will choose the fields both custom and standard that we want to download. Only the fields that are highlighted become a part of the report. I will select all of the custom fields and remove from the standard fields those that I do not want to keep.

Once you have preset all of the parameters you would click on Save report or Save and Run Report. Now when we click on the My reports tab we will see the name of the new template that we have created. And if you wish to run the report in the future, you would click on the name of the report and then on the run report button found on the top right, here. To download the report you would click on the Pending and Completed Reports tab, wait for the report status to say complete and then proceed to click on the download button. And the system will download the report to your computer.

I hope this has been a helpful Alert Find Nugget, if you have any suggestions for other ones let us know. Have a great day.