How To Set Up View/Edit User Profiles

In this nugget, we explain how you can go ahead and view or edit the user profiles in your AlertFind instance

Hello everybody and welcome to today's nugget.

Today we will focus on how to view and edit a user profile.

What we wanna do is first go under administration and click on users. Once we are there, we are gonna see the full list of all the users that are in our instance. 

Once we have the user selected we can either select it and click on view details, or edit, or we can just double click on it, and the edit window will automatically pop up. 

In here we have a quick overview of the user itself, this is the personal information, their status and their preferences. We can do many things such as Edit this information, disable them, delete the user, download the user report, or even change their password. We can change the pin, and we can view the type of permissions the user has in our instance. 

If we go into devices we are gonna be able to see all the different devices that this user has configured in our system. As you can see we have the cell phone configured, a personal email and the work email. Again if we wanna go ahead and edit any of these information we can do so by clicking on the edit/configure button.

Under Profiles this is where we’re gonna choose the type of escalation pass that we want to follow with the devices that we have available, you can choose certain paths for after hours, for business hours and weekend hours.

Notification rules, these are all set at company wide rules, so you’re not gonna be able to change this, through there. 

Then clicking in Groups, will be able to see all the groups that this user belongs to, same goes for Teams, if we click on it, will be able to see all the teams the user belongs to. 

Time and date preferences, is specifically for this user. By default all the users are setup with the settings that you chose in the application settings, but if this user has specific schedule for example you can just click on edit, and edit it accordingly.

Custom fields, this is for any groups that he belongs as well, and for location preferences you can either enter a street address in order to set the address where this user is located at, or if he downloads the app, he can easily give access to AlertFind in order for AlertFind to grab all the coordinates from this user and be able to locate it there. 

And that is basically it! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in reaching out to us and if you have a certain topic to cover in a nugget, please let us know, Have a great day!