How To Run The Devices Report From AF Console

In this video, we will show you how you to run a report in the Device report section of the User Interface.         

Hello everybody and welcome back to another AlertFind Nugget, this nugget is going to show you how you can run a Devices Report from your AlertFind console.

Please login with your credentials and on the left menu bar, go to the Reporting section and select Devices Report. Once you are in the main Reports window, click on the drop-down next to Select Report and you will see 4 reports that you can run: 

  1. All device: this report will show you a list of all users including their devices.
  2. No Device Report: List of users who do not have any devices configured.
  3. Any Device Report: List of users who have at least one device configured.
  4. Specific Device Report: List of users who have configured/not configured devices selected above.

To run one of the available reports you need to choose the corresponding report name in the Select Report Section. For this nugget letโ€™s select All Devices Report. 

Once you have selected the report to run, scroll down to the Reports Results section, where you will see the list of users that match the selected report. To see the individual device results for a specific user please click on the green plus sign located to the left of each user name. A new drop-down list will be shown that provide the information for each device that has been configured on the environment and the corresponding information for each user. When you have finished with the selected user information click on the minus sign to close the dropdown list.

You can download the results of the report to a CSV file, to do that click on the Download button found on the top of the page. The report will download to your computer in Excel format.

I hope this has been a helpful Alert Find Nugget if you have any suggestions for other ones let us know. 

Have a great day.