How To Run A Report In The AF Console

In this video, we will show you how to run a report in the Report List section of the User Interface. 

Hello everybody welcome back to another AlertFind Nugget, this nugget is going to show you how to run a Report Template from the  AlertFind console. Once you are logged in from the left menu bar go to the reporting section, and then select Report Lists. 

Once you are in the main window of the Report Templates screen, you will see multiple reporting options, you can scroll down to see the full list. As an example on how to run any of the available report, today we are going to run the report called Event Log Summary report. To run any of the reports click on the run report button found to the right of the each individual report name.  When you click on Run Report button a new window will show up, in which you can define the parameters of the report.

In the first section we are able to choose to run an interactive report which means that the results are displayed on the web browser, csv report which means that it will be downloaded to your computer in excel format or a PDF version of the report. In this case letโ€™s choose csv report by clicking on the radial button found to the left of the name of the display type.

In the next section you can modified the period or time frame in which you wish to run the report by clicking the drop-down menu and choosing one of the options. Any option that has the words โ€œFullโ€ will refer to the completed time frame for instance last full month would generate a report for the month of January 2019 since today is February 4th. Next we would choose the Event Type by click on the drop-down menu to see all the available options, you can select the one that you prefer by just clicking on it. In this case i will choose all event types.

The next section will allow you to choose which field information you would like to display on the report that you are generating. Any field that is selected means that you wish to download that information. If there are some fields that you do not need then proceed to unhighlight them. For this example I will highlight User, Email Address, event type and description.

Once you are done configuring the report, click the run report button. To see when your report is ready for download click on the Pending and Completed Reports tab. Here you will see the list of reports that have been requested. Once the status of the report is changed to complete you can proceed to click on the download button and the report will be downloaded to your computer. 

I hope this has been a helpful Alert Find Nugget, if you have any suggestions for other ones let us know.

Have a great day.