How To Respond To A Notification By Email

In this nugget we will show you the various ways to respond to an email notification.

Hello everybody,  welcome back to Alert Find Nuggets, today’s nugget is how to respond to a notification by Email.

After a notification is sent and if you have an email register under your user on Alertfind, you will receive an email from AlertFind@yourcompanydomain. Be sure to add this address to your safe sender list.

You have 3 different options to reply to this message:

The first one is by clicking into a link embedded in the email. This will open an Alert Find secure webpage, in here you will see the subject, the message and the possible responses.

You just need to select by clicking over the response that best suits you.

After that you just click the OK button. 

The last window will show you a “thank you” message, after this just close the window.

The Second one is calling the hotline number that appears in the email, this option most of the time is just for the US, as if you call from another country the call may be charged.

The third option is just by replying to the email and at the end of the subject you just need to add a “-” hyphen and the number that correspond to your response selected. 

I hope this has been a helpful Alert Find Nugget, if you have any suggestions for other ones let us know. 

Have a great day.