How To Register The AlertFind Application On Your Smart Device

In this video, we will show you how you can register the AlertFind application on your Smart Device   

Hello everybody and welcome back to another session of AlertFind Nuggets, today’s nugget is going to demonstrate how to register the AF application on your smart device. You can find it for Android and apple devices and it’s available for use in tablets and smartphones.

What you need to do first is go to your favorite store and download the app for your device, once it install you need to tap the icon, to start the process.

You’ll see that you have 3 fields you gonna have to complete. Your username, your password and region, now i’ll came back to region in just a second. But username and password at the exact one you use to login into AF system through via web browser. 

The region refers to the primary data center on which the AF system has been deploy to each customer, there are only 3 PLANO Chicago and London, the 4th one is just a demo.

Once I select the correct one I tap next,  and then the system ask me on which of these 4 devices I am registering the AF APP, well I’m using my Personal Smartphone so I tap that and tap register device.

After a few moments you get a confirmation screen that says it has been properly registered.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this quick little nugget, if you have suggestions for another nuggets in the future, let us know. Have a great day.