How To Manage Escalation Profiles

In this nugget, we will show you how to edit and manage your default escalation profiles for devices        

Hello everybody welcome back to Alert Find Nuggets. Today’s nugget is how to manage Escalation Profiles from the AlertFind Console.

For this nugget you need to have an administrator account type, otherwise you won’t be able to access your Organization’s settings.

Once you are logged in go to the left menu bar, under administration, and select application Settings.

On the main settings window, you need to scroll down until the Default User Information, option and click on the Default Personal Info Edit button.

In this new window under Default Parameters for New Users you can select the time zone, business hours and setup how weekends will be cover.

The next 2 tabs are very important for setting up default escalation for devices when sending a notification.

Under Notification Settings, and Notification Rules, you can see the 3 following predefined profiles: business hours, weekends, and after hours. These 3 predefined profiles are auto generated with the information previously entered in Default Parameters.

Now if you look at the Notification Profile Section, you will see the same 3 profiles, the importance here is that you can manually edit each of this profile to suit how you will like users to be contacted.

To select a profile, click over the name and then go to the edit button, a new window will pop-up  that says Edit Notification Profile.

From the left column of this window, you can select all the devices your organization has enable to use. 

The right side of this window shows the Profile you selected, in this case After Hours.

You can select the device from this list and drag it to change the order, add new devices or just click on the remove button in case you no longer use it.

For this Nugget we are going to arrange the after-hours.

As you can see we have the following escalation:

work email, work smartphone and personal email, 5 minutes delay escalate to, and cell phone

Let's change cell phone to be the first method of contact, so we just click and drag cell phone to the top.

At the same time, we want to send a notification to the work email, so we leave work email as the second escalation option.

If there’s no time delay between devices, the notification will be sent to all the devices at the same time.

So, imagine we want to add a time delay after work email, lets then move the delay option up after work email, just click and drag it.

Ok but 5 minutes is not enough waiting period, so we want it to be 10 minutes, no problem, just double click on it or select it and click the edit button, and in the Edit Delay pop-up windows type the number of minutes you want to add, in this case 10, and then click save.

Since we are in the  after hours profile, we don’t need to use the work smartphone contact, therefore in this case we select it and click on the remove button. 

The final step is to save the custom configuration, by clicking the save button. 

You just configured the after-hours profile.

To review or configure the other 2 profiles, follow the previous instructions.

After you have modified all the profiles according to your needs, just click the save button and you will be back to the settings window. 

You have just configured your organization’s Escalation Profiles.

I hope this has been a helpful Alert Find Nugget, if you have any suggestions for other ones let us know. 

Have a great day.