How to Manage Default User Information Settings

In this nugget, we will go through the default user information settings and show you what you can change         

Hello everybody, welcome back to Alert Find Nuggets. Today’s nugget is how to manage Default User Information Settings from AlertFind Console.

For this nugget you need to have an administrator account type, otherwise, you won’t be able to access your Organization’s settings.

Once you are logged in, go to the left menu bar, under administration, and select application Settings.

In the main settings window, you need to click the edit button.

A new window will show up, the first setting you can modify is customer information:

The name of the account is defined and cannot be modified by any administrator.

The “from Email address” field can be modified and this will be the default sender address for all notifications. If you decide to change it, be sure that the address is whitelisted, and that the domain is part of your company’s registered domains.

The other options from the Customer Information section are marked as default and they are configured following best practices. If you want the administrator to login into the Alerting console instead of another page, it can be enabled by just clicking on it.

The next settings you can manage are: password options:

In here, you can setup the minimum password length that for default is set up to 8 characters which is the minimum accepted.

Also, you can change the Password complexity, and everything related to the user’s password.

Remember, if you change the minimum length and you are importing the passwords through the roster file, please verify the new password meets the new parameters you have selected.

The next fields that can modified are notification parameters:

In here, you can change your Customer System Name and Voice Customer System name, if they are left in blank, AlertFind will use your Customer Name Notification System as default.

The call retry, and call retry delay can also be modified, however the system is configured with 5 retry counts, and 5 minutes delay by default.

The next options are predefined and manage your hotline preferences, these options are also setup following the best practices policies.

The last  options that can be managed and configured are Conference Call Line, Meeting ID, Conference Call Prefix and Conference call Suffix.

Please note, AUREA doesn’t provide conference call lines, this is something that must be provided by your company if you want to use this feature.

Once you are done modifying the settings options just click the OK button, and your changes will be save. 

I hope this has been a helpful Alert Find Nugget, if you have any suggestions for other ones let us know. 

Have a great day