How To Do Escalation Overrides in AlertFind

In this nugget, we will show you how you can send a notification on specific devices, in a custom order, other than the default settings 

Hello everybody and welcome back to AF nuggets, today’s nugget is going to be about how you can do a device escalation override in a notification or in a template.

A little background will help here so, after you log in to AlertFind, let's go to application settings and let's go down to the defaults you see right here.

In this section the defaults  that are applicable are dependent on persons workshift, their weekend day etc. 

I'm going to focus on business hours because it serves the example. 

During Business hours if you sent a notification without doing a device override it’s gonna go first to the personal smartphone, which by the way is the smartphone that once the  individual has the app installed on it and also to the work phone happens at the same time, and the system will waits for 2 minutes if you don’t get an acknowledgement or response from the individual across those, then we are going to proceed down to SMS Phone and to work email the clock is still ticking. Now if within 5 minutes we don’t get response across any of these devices then we are going ahead and automatically send a voice call to the cell phone, which is great. Now I want to annotate here that any administrator of the system can set these sequences up on their own - this is not something system is granted , it’s unique for every customer. 

But what happens if you have a notification that has to have one of the sequence that’s different from this, or you want to create a template that follow a different sequence?

I’m gonna show you this in the advance notification editor screen although you again still do this in the template editor.

You just do the same as sending a notification, but what i want you to look at is as this area right here, the escalation override. 

Right now is set default to whatever the system happens to be, but we can certainly specify a complete override. 

I may want to send a notification that’s gonna go to work email first and also sent it to a cell phone, i may impose a delay, I’m gonna change it to 3 minutes, i then wait and if i don't get an acknowledge across either none of these devices, I may have to send an email to the personal email, and you can add these devices by dragging and dropping.

Bottom line is, I’m creating an entirely different sequence for this particular notification or notification template. We also have another option in here, this one follows the default that we look at earlier in the system setting but allows you to skip certain devices or certain device types. For example I want to send a notification but i want to skip working email and I wanna skip cell phone. So this is how you can override the default within any notification or notification template.

I hope you have enjoyed this nugget. If you have any suggestions for other nuggets, let us know. 

Have a great day!