How To Do A Roster Import

In this video, we will show you how you can do a Roster file import, in the User Interface, along with all the options that you have        

Hello everybody welcome back to another AlertFind Nugget, this nugget is going to show you how to do a Roster Upload. 

In order to do a Roster Upload, after logging on to AlertFind, we would need to go on the left menu, under Administration  and click on Application Settings.

Once we are in Application Settings, we would need to scroll down to the Data Management Settings,  and click on Import.

Please make sure that the file that you are trying to import, meets the specified requirements, and is a compressed CSV file. Also, please make sure that the CSV file that you are trying to import, has the correct name, and that is the name of your last imported file. If you are not sure of what name it should have, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Onboarding Manager.

We would need to choose the compressed file. First step would be to click on the Choose button. A new window will appear that will take you to your computer and you can proceed to choose the file that you have saved in a compressed .zip format. 

The upload is a 2 step process. The first step is the Simulation, in which we are doing an import and having the Commit option unchecked. This is the step in which the system will verify that the file that you are uploading is compatible with the back end mapping of the information.

If everything is ok with the file name, the system will display a green message and if there are some issues it will be in red. At this point if you see a red message please take a screenshot and reach out to your Customer Onboarding Manager for assistance. 

In either step you can proceed to fill in the Notification emails field. In this field, you can put any email address that you would like to receive the result of an import or a Simulation, to make sure everything is correct.

In the second step you would click on the Choose button and select the file that you have prepared, next you would click on the checkbox to the left of commit and fill out the email address in the notification emails section. Once you have completed those steps you would proceed to click on Save. At this point the system would proceed to update your AlertFind environment. Once the import is complete you would receive an email with a summary of the results.

And thatโ€™s basically it. All you need to do, would be to wait for the email that confirms the result of the Simulation or of the Import with committing to your Database.

If you have any questions on how to perform a manual roster import please reach out to your assigned Customer Onboarding Manager.

I hope that this has been a helpful Alert Find Nugget, if you have any suggestions for other ones, please let us know. Have a great day.