How To Create Templates From Sent Notifications

In this video, we will explain how you can create a template from a notification that you have previously sent out.         

Welcome to another AlertFind Nugget training session. This nugget is going to show you how you can take a sent notification and turn it into a notification template, which reduces the time need to create a template. 

To start, go to Notifications in the left navigation bar and click “Sent notifications.”

You will see a list of all the notifications that have been sent in your environment. Search for the notification that you want and double-click it. This new window shows all of the notification content, to whom the notification was sent, what the message body was and the results of the notification.

To turn this into a notification template, click Save as Notification Template found on the top left corner of the window. This opens up in the template editor and you’re able to make modification to the To field, subject line, content, responses and any advanced options.

In this template window, change of the name of the template and provide a description if you wish to do so. In this example, let’s call it “Blizzard Warning.” Next, choose a color scheme and an icon for the template. Remember, you can’t upload your own icons or colors.

Once you have updated the top section of the template editor, you can make any modifications to the To field, subject line, content, responses and any advanced options. If you have any questions regarding how to modify any of these fields, please refer to our Training Session One video where we explain in-depth how to create a notification from scratch.

After you have made all your changes, click save. Then go to the alert console and you’ll see the template that you just created.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this topic, please do not hesitate to contact your customer success manager for further guidance.