How To Create Scheduled Notifications

In this nugget, we will explain how you can schedule a notification to be sent out at a later date or as a recurring notification. 

Hello everybody and welcome to today’s nugget. 

Today will be focus on how to schedule a notification to be sent out. In order to do that, let’s compose a notification by clicking on Compose/Advanced. my recipient is going to be myself, my subject is Schedule Test, and the body is “this is just a test”.

Whenever you want to schedule a notification to be sent out you go under the advanced options tab, and you click on scheduling. 

This will automatically pop up a new window where you will be able to tell the system when you want it to be send out for this example I’m gonna go ahead and choose friday the 15th and i’m gonna go ahead and choose at 8:00am. 

Now if you wanna set an end time you can go ahead and choose to do so by clicking on end after, this will tell the system that this notification has to end after a certain amount of time in hours so for example we’ll go ahead  and set it in 1 hour. 

And If you want it to be with a recurrence pattern you can certainly do so by choosing one of these type of recurrency. You can do it daily, weekly, monthly, annually or hourly. 

Lets go ahead and do it weekly actually, you can choose when how often you want it to reoccur and on which days. 

So let's say we’re wanna do it every friday, so we just check on Friday and that will be it, this notification is scheduled to be sent out  this friday and it’s gonna end after 1 hour of it being sent out and it will reoccur on a weekly basis every friday, then we click on save and that is basically it. 

Once we double check everything we click on send and this will automatically bring us up to the sent notification screen where I will be able to show you exactly what it looks like when it's scheduled. 

As you can see, the notification summary it’s telling you the subject who it‘ll be sent by and the status of it, which is scheduled.

Down below you’ll also be able to see the date that is schedule for, so its schedule for Friday on the 15-th to be sent out at 8am. You can also go to the scheduled notifications tab in here, you can see just as a quick summary the notification details, the type of responses, who the sender was, and when it’s schedule for. 

Again you can double click this and you can see all the details regarding the notification that was send out. 

If you like to cancel it, you can just click on cancel and the notification will be cancelled and not be sent out on the future date that you have chosen before. And that is basically it. 

Thank you very much for joining us today, have a great day.