How To Create An Escalation Group

In this nugget, we will explain how you can define an escalation path for notifications         

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s nugget.

Today we’ll be focusing on how to create an escalation group. After you log in to AlertFind, on the group section in the left side you wanna go ahead and select escalation groups. Once we are there, we’ll go ahead and click the button that says new.

As soon as we click on that, a “create group details” window will automatically pop up. As you can see the only required field here is “group name”. So let's go ahead and name this group, you can add a description if you like, as well as a quick launch ID.

Once you’re ready go ahead and click on save. This will automatically bring up the viewing group window where you will be able to manage your memberships.

If you want to go back and edit some of the details you can click on the tab “group details” and you can edit via the edit group button you see there. 

Now, on the group membership, what you wanna do is click in manage membership in here you will have the full list of users, broadcast groups, escalation groups, and smart groups, that you can add as members to this group. 

For this example, we’re gonna go ahead and utilize this user, we are gonna go ahead and choose this other coworker name, and we’re gonna bring one more so you can see how exactly it works out. 

Perfect! So now that we have the members that we want to be included in this group, all we have to do is add a delay in between the members that we want in order to create an escalation.
So the way that is currently setup is that the notification will go to this first user, and then 5 minutes later it will be sent to the next 2 users at the same time, if we still wanna add one more escalation step to there, we can easily add a, let’s say 2 minutes delay between these 2 users.
So now the way that it's looking is a notification will automatically be sent to the first user, 5 minutes later it will be send to the second user, 2 minutes after that will be sent to the third user. If you wanna view the details for each user you can just click on this button and it will automatically bring up the user profile for each.

We click on save, and this information will be automatically be set as the group membership, again you can manage membership again, if you wanna change something you can view the details for each user and that is basically it! Once you’re done just click on close and your group will automatically pop up under escalation groups. 

That’s it for today if you have any questions or concerns or if you have a topic that you'd like us to cover in a nugget, please feel free to reach out, we’ll be more than happy to take care of it for you. Have a great day!.