How To Create A Notification With Response Limits

In this video, we will show you how to create a notification with a response limit         

Hello everybody, welcome back to AlertFind nuggets. Today’s nugget is how to setup a notification with a response limit.

First you need to go to the left side menu and choose under Launch Center, Compose advanced.

In the New window under Compose tab, you need to click select recipient in the TO field:

In the new window that appears under the Users Tab, we are going to select more than 1 user, so we can set up later the response limit.

For this nugget we are going to select all of the users from the list. To do this simply click on the green cross at the top next to the headers. As you can see all users selected will appear in the right side of the windows under recipients.

Now just click the save button, and the window will close. You will be back into the notification Editor window.

Now you need to add the subject, this is a required field. Let’s type Response Limit Demo Notification.

In the Message section type your alert notification. For this demo purpose we are going to write: Testing Response Limit Notification.

Then we need to setup the limit response, on the right side of the window under Responses, you will see a predefined response, that starts with “Press 1”.

click over that response to select it and click the “edit” button.

The Response Editor window will appear. You can leave or modify the Response text as you wish. For this nugget I will add to the default response text, “and working on it”.

Now in Response Limit, you must select the number of recipients you need to receive a response from. 

Once the limit has been reached AlertFind will stop contacting other recipients. For this to happen you must turn ON the field Response Limit Handling.  Once you have finished configuring your response, just click the Save button.

The last step is clicking the send button.

You have just sent a notification with Response Limit! I hope this has been a helpful AlertFind Nugget, if you have any suggestions for other ones let us know,Have a great day.