How To Create A Notification From Scratch

In this nugget, we will explain how you can write a notification from scratch in the AlertFind User Interface.         

Hello everybody and welcome to today's nugget, today will be focus in how to create a notification from scratch. 

What you wanna do is click on the compose (advance) option and the notification editor will automatically pop-up.

First thing you wanna do is choose who this notification will be send out to. By clicking on Select Recipient, you will get this list of all the users that you have in your instance. You can choose between broadcast groups, escalation groups, smart groups, or you can select a specific area in your map that you’ll like this notification reach out to. 

For this example we are gonna go ahead and add a specific user as the recipient, and save. For the subject we are going to name it “test 1”. Then we need to add the body message, you can format it with any of the options we have in here. 

You can also attach an audio to this notification - you can press call to record, this will automatically give you a call and will guide you step by step on how to create this audio so it attaches to this notification. If you have the audio already pre recorded in your system, you can just upload the audio with the Upload Audio button.

The type of responses that we send out to the user is what they are going to be able to respond back with.

The response text it's gonna be the message that we want the user to reply  with. 

The abbreviation is linked to this response text and it’s mostly used for reporting. 

The response limit lets the system know how many of these type of responses we want to get back. 

Response limit handling lets us know that once the limit  has been reached on the responses, it will automatically put a hard stop to the notification and will no longer be sent out. 

You can also allow response data and you can also setup the different instructions on how to join a conference call. 

Will go ahead and leave it as it is. If you see here under the Templates you have different type of templates that we already have pre set for you , you can choose whichever one you like. 

All that changes is the type of responses that you’re gonna have, if it’s a Poll, Yes, or No, or you can also choose a first responder, it’s gonna be completely up to you.

For this example we’ll keep it as an announcement. You can attach different pictures and videos if you click on the Attachment button. We strongly suggest against it due to the fact that is going to be way too heavy for the notification to be sent out. 

So what we suggest is that if you wanna sent out a video, upload it to the drive or to the cloud and then just provide the link on the body message. You can also use the escalation override if you like to hit up specific devices.

This is where you will do so.

If you like to skip specific devices you can go ahead and choose them from here.

In the advanced options you can also schedule this notification to be send out at a later time, whether you like it to be a recurrent event you can choose so by doing so here. 

Email Status, if you like to receive a report about this notification you can set it to be sent out to specific email addresses here and you can let the system to send it out after a certain amount of time that this notification was sent out. 

You can choose the type of priority that we have here and you can also choose whether you want this notification to require a PIN or not. 

You can also choose a Hotline, how you like to use it to get back to you, and you can also set the different type of retries that you want the system to have when reaching out via phone calls. And that’s basically it, all you do is just click send and the notification will be on it’s  way. 

We hope you all enjoyed this nugget. If you ever have any type of suggestions about nuggets please feel free to let us know. Have a great day!