How To Create A Hotline Numeric Capture Node

In this video, we will show you how to create a numeric capture node on a hotline         

Hello everybody, welcome back to Alert Find Nuggets. Today’s nugget is how to create a numeric capture Node.
A numeric capture node allows you to collect specific numeric information from callers.

From the hotline list select the appropriate hotline you want to add the NUMERIC node to and click edit. 

When the hotline editor appears, add a new numeric capture node to hotline, by dragging it from the left column into the hotline tree in the right column.

The hotline option editor appears, use this editor to setup the options for this node. In the numeric caption name field, type the text you want the TTS engine to read when a caller accesses this node. Type the words that you want callers hear immediately after the number.

For this nugget will be: type the number of days you have been sick

Next provide the capture data field name: here you need to specify your request such as, “number of days”.

In the message section you have 3 options, type a message for the AlertFind TTS engine to read, or Click to Call to Record and type the phone number here AlertFind will call you to obtain the message, and finally click upload audio to upload an audio file.

After you select your option click save

And that’s is you have just create a hotline numeric capture node. I hope this has been a helpful AlertFind nugget, if you have any suggestion for other ones, let us know.

Have a great day!