How To Create A Conference Call Notification

In this video we will show you to to create and send a conference call notification         

Hello everybody, welcome back to AlertFind nuggets. Today’s nugget is how to create a conference call notification.

First you need to go to the left side menu and choose under Launch Center, Compose (advanced).

In this new window that pops up, you can see there’s an option under the compose tab that says “template” next to the responses list. click it and choose from the drop-down menu “conference call”. It’s important to notice that these templates are just for responses and can be manually personalized according to your needs and actions.

In the right side under Responses, you will see the predefined options that recipients may choose to provide an answer. You can change the predefined messages by adding, deleting or editing.For this actual nugget we are going to leave it as default. You need to add in the conference call details for the response that they can join the call, as this will then bridge the user straight through to the conference call.

To do this, select the response and click edit. On the response editor scroll down to conference call details and add in the phone number and meeting ID. If your conference call provider requires additional details, set the custom call provider settings to on and add anything else here. Once you have done, press save

The fields TO and SUBJECT are mandatory. To select the recipients just click over the select recipient button in the TO field, in this new popup window you can select, users, broadcast groups, escalation groups, smart groups and map selector.

Select Users tab, and select the first 5 users, then click on add selected and click save.

Let’s now type the subject, for this example, let’s type Alert Find Conference Call Demo.

Now under message you can write down what you need to communicate. I’m going to write: Hi Team, this is a demo…. and once you press send you have just sent a conference call notification.

I hope this has been a helpful AlertFind Nugget, if you have any suggestions for other ones let us know.

Have a great day.