How To Clone Templates To Sub-teams

In this nugget, we will explain how you can clone templates from a superior team, to a sub-team      

Hello everybody, welcome back to AlertFind Nuggets, today's nugget is how to take existing notification templates and clone them into a sub team. 

Now I happen to be a team leader on both of these, but this is a superior team. 

When I look at the notification templates that exist on this team, there’s a whole bunch but if I go back and I dive into the subordinate team, the only one that exists in the default that everybody gets. 

What happened to those notification templates, do I have to create them from scratch? No, you don’t have to. 

Here is how it work, when you are logged into the superior team, and you go into manage library, you’re gonna see the templates that exist.

Lets suppose i want to select that one, and demo notification and Corporate Announcement. And I want to pass those down to subordinate team. When I do that there is click on More and  Clone to Team.. The work is done, let’s go back and see the hard work  that I just completed. 

Go back to the sub-team, and go into the alert console and there you have them! 

So we do not have to create them from scratch, we can push them down, but there is something that’s going to happen, when you look at the notification that is clone to a sub team the audience disappears, and that makes sense because they may not exist across all the teams, so you will have to edit the templates to include the audience or if you're launching the notification template from within the UI or from the AF app, you’ll have to add your audience, but you can still edit this in the notification editor and set those as default.

I hope this has been a helpful AlertFind nugget, if you have any suggestions for other ones, let us know. 

Have a great day!