HotLine Pro

Hello everybody, welcome back to Alert Find Nuggets. Today’s nugget is how to set up your hotline pro.

Regular HotLine supports welcome messages, notification inbox, and composing notifications, whereas in addition to that HotLine Pro supports multiple languages, post announcements, gather information from polls, and gather information from advanced reporting features.

The first thing you need is to make sure your AlertFind contract covers HotLine pro. If you are not sure, please reach out to your ISR to check if your contract covers hotline or hotline pro.

After you make sure you have HotlinePro active in your contract, you will need a hotline number for users to call in. You can request your COM a phone number to be assigned to your Hotline Pro

After you have this phone number available in your AlertFind instance, you will need to define what are the menus, workflow, and functionalities you want to make available to your users when they call your hotline.

First, you have to define a root node, which will announce once what are the numbers your users are calling, so here, for example, it is advised you say something like "Hello, you reached out to Company X HotLine number". In addition, you have room for a message which will always be announced on the main menu. It could be from something simple like an announcement you always want to make available to any user, as it can give specific instructions explaining which menu items the users have access, what they can do, and anything else you want users to listen without authenticating with the use of a PÌN, and please have in mind this is the message which will be played in the main menu whenever a user is in the main menu.

It is also valid to note that for all messages presented anywhere in the hotline, you always have the option for the Text to Speech engine to read your text, you can have it calling your number so you can record a message, or you can always upload a pre-produced audio file.

Next, you are able to build your hotline pro with the following seven functionalities:

  1. Messages - these are predefined messages and announcements, which users can select to listen, with or without requirements of a PIN number, according to your settings.
  2. Notification inbox, where user can listen to its messages using its own personal PIN;
  3. Compose notifications: Here admins and team leaders would be able to remotely call the hotline to (1) trigger a notification based on a template using a quick launch code, (2) open an incident from a notification template, (3) select broadcast groups and (4) escalation groups.
  4. *You can also add an option for users to Respond to polls, and set the responses accordingly, having results mailed to users or to yourself;
  5. *It is also possible to have a menu option to direct your users to a conference call, so you can configure your conference call number in this item and redirect your users to a Webex or Zoom room for example;
  6. *In case you have multiple hotlines, you can add an option to simply transfer your users to another hotline;
  7. *And finally, you have a numeric capture option, which is useful when you need an identified numeric response from your users. For example how many days a user in an emergency plan to stay off, or for example sales number results which can be informed at the end of a period, and these responses are identified with the user who responded to them. 

(*HotLine Pro only)

Please do remember that after doing any edits to hotlines or its internal menu items, you always need to save your changes, and in the hotline menu, re-activate the hotline for the changes to take effect.