Webhooks Connector

Looking to automate your AlertFind notification process in an easy way? Our Webhooks connector can help you achieve that!

                                                               Overview and Requirements
This integration enables you to send notifications to your users in an automated way whenever our Webhooks connector receives a request.

It also allow us to work with your team and filter the request, using only specific content to trigger notifications.

What we need from you is, to only send a request to a web address provided by us and specify in the request information the username, aliases or email of the users you want to notify. Also we can notify groups present in your instance.

                                                        How our Webhooks Connector works

                                                           Detailed Steps Explaining Above Graphic
Now we are going to explain how our integration works, please refer to the graphic above:

  1. You have an incident, event or notification that you want to communicate to your users.

  2. You send a request (webhook) to a web address we will provide to you specifying the users you want to notify.

  3. The request you sent will now be processed by our webhook trigger which extracts the users, the subject and the body. This information will be used to send the notification.

  4. Our AlertFind connector processes the information and checks if the users or the groups exist and connects to your instance via the AlertFind API.

  5. Once the connection to your instance is established , the notification is initiated and sent out to your users.

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