IT Alerting: ServiceNow connector

Are you looking to set up an alerting process for your incoming critical tickets? Our ServiceNow connector can help you to achieve that!


The ServiceNow connector enables you to trigger AF notifications when a critical ticket (or any other rule of your choice) comes into your ServiceNow. At the same time, Whenever a notification recipients respond to take the ticket, the connector can automatically assign the ticket on ServiceNow.

How does the connector work:

The below graphic explains the various steps involved in the ticket data going out as AF Notification and receiving response from the user to ServiceNow : 

Detailed Steps Explaining Above Graphic :

  1. ServiceNow ticket creation : End user uses any of the possible support channels to contact your support. You can also configure your server monitoring system to create a critical ticket in case a server is down.

  2. ServiceNow Trigger : You need to configure ServiceNow to send an email to our connector having ticket ID as its subject.

  3. Email trigger passes the ticket ID to ServiceNow connector.

  4. ServiceNow connector sends API request to ServiceNow to retrieve ticket data.

  5. The retrieved data is sent to AF connector.

  6. Data goes through internal formatting and is passed to AF via the Notification API.

  7. The notification is sent out to the Users and/or groups according to your needs.  AlertFind takes care of contacting the users using either their preferred devices, or the ones chosen by you.


To configure the above connector, we only need the following:

  • Configure ServiceNow rules/triggers to send email to our connector with ticket ID as the subject of the email. For example: When a ticket comes in with Critical/Urgent priority or a ticket having words Urgent/Server down in the subject or Body is received.

  • Access Required: We just need a ServiceNow Admin account to pull the ticket information.

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